The first ever blue light blocking device for horses

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Have you ever tried to sleep with the lights on?

The truth is, our horses are no different

Whether your horse is at a show, a vet clinic or a public stable, the lights are on. They need the absence of light to produce melatonin, allowing for optimal rest and recovery. The REM mask uses blue light blocking technology to promote the natural production of melatonin for a more restful night of sleep while being exposed to artificial light.

Restorative Equine Mask Benefits

Ultraviolet Light

Amber lenses block 100% of UV light


67% of masked horses showed a substantial increase in melatonin overnight vs non-masked horses in the same setting

Blue Light

Amber lenses block 100% of blue light

Rest Assured

The Restoration Equine Mask is perfect for use on horses who are stalled indoors where lights stay on and for travel.

  • Performance

    Facilitates the melatonin rise needed for sleep and recovery improving overall performance

  • Stress Relief

    Ease your horses anxiety when traveling

  • Recovery

    Aids horses with eye injuries with patched styles available

Mask Styles

The Restoration Equine Mask comes in three styles:

What People are Saying

“I felt like my horses rested better and were more settled,” said WPRA barrel racer Jana Bean, who won the futurity at the 2020 WPRA Finals. “I used the masks on my mare and on my stud, and they each seemed to have a little different calmness to them. They were relaxed, rested, and performed better.”

- Jana Bean

“I’m a fan,” said NRHA Two Million Dollar Rider Casey Deary, who tried the mask at the 2020 AQHA World Show and won the junior reining championship. “If your horse rests at a show like he does at home, it decreases his stress and increases your chance at success.”

- Casey Deary

“We took a horse to a venue that’s a coliseum where they keep the lights on 24/7,” explained hunter/jumper Lindsey Smith. “We schooled the first day, and the next morning the horse didn’t seem right. He was colicky, and I talked to the vet about it being linked to my horse’s lack of sleep. We used the mask at the next show, and he was a different horse.”

- Lindsey Smith

“During the NCHA futurity one of our mares was showing signs of discomfort, not acting like herself, and was overall having trouble getting settled in. We tried the REM mask and within 12 hours of use her demeanor had completely changed and she was much more calm, it was amazing! It made a huge difference and she went back to being herself”

- Kelly Riddle, Bill Riddle Cutting Horsese

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XpertEquine™ represents a landmark partnership between Equibrand Products Group and Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals. Together, the respected, well-known businesses will develop a line of therapeutic veterinary items for horses to promote healing, improve health, maintain wellness, and enhance athletic performance. The first product from the partnership is the REM™ Restoration Equine Mask. Equibrand Products is based in Granbury, Texas, and includes well-known brands such as Classic Equine, Martin Saddlery, Classic Ropes, Rattler Ropes, and Cashel. With locations in Salado, Stephenville, and Navasota, Texas, and Brazil, Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals offer an extensive variety of services, from standard preventative care to the cutting-edge, specialty surgery. For more than 40 years, Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals have served horses’ needs with skilled staff and cutting-edge procedures.